The Science behind great skin

AlumierMD was born out of an understanding that everyone wants clear, beautiful skin. With over 100 years of combined skincare experience, AlumierMD create science backed products in elegant formulations that work to reveal more radiant and luminous skin. Each product and service is created with the client in mind. A team of experts create multifaceted, results orientated skincare products that target the underlying physiology related to each skin type, condition and person. AlumierMD is customised to meet each individuals needs for optimal results. AlumierMD use optimal ingredients and concentrations enhanced with advanced delivery systems to create prescription strength formulations that are truly tailored to YOU and your main skin concerns.

AlumierMD Home Care Products

We stock the entire range of AlumierMD at SKINROOM. As these products are medical grade and packed full of active ingredients, a full consultation is required before purchases can be made. After consultation, if you are unable to get into the clinic, you will also have access to SKINROOM’s AlumierMD online prescriptive portal, which will allow you to purchase your products 24/7 online and be delivered direct to your door. To view our Alumier products, you can browse now in our on-line shop. To purchase please book an online consultation or visit our Consultation page.

Alumier MD Professional Peel SkinRoom Treatments

A chemical peel is a treatment used to improve skin texture, tone and to target and treat specific skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, radiance and pre ageing. A solution is applied to the skin to lower the skins natural PH which loosens the connections between the surface dead skin cells inducing exfoliation of these dead skin cells and stimulating new cell growth. This process causes the superficial layers of dead skin to flake away, revealing a smoother more radiant complexion.

Acne scarring and breakouts can be decreased along with fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Chemical peels can also thicken the epidermis, increase dermal volume and stimulate collagen leading to plumper more youthful skin.

AlumierMD Peel Treatments are the next generation of clinical exfoliation. With a variety of peels, each with a unique complex of ingredients, the AlumierMD professionals at SkinRoom can customise your program of treatments to target your specific skin concerns whether it be pre aging, radiance/pigmentation, UV damage, Rosacea, sensitivity or acne. Each unique treatment includes a combination of targeted masks, an advanced medical peel, skin-condition boosters and brightening enhancement.

Our Advanced Peel contains 7% Lactic Acid, 7% Salicylic Acid and 7% Resorcinol.

Introductory Peel contains 30% Lactic Acid or 20% Lactic Acid and 10% Salicylic Acid.

Lactic Acid is an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid).  AHA’s exfoliate dead skin cells and increase cell turnover by loosening the connections of the skin. They firm and strengthen ageing skin, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Skin will feel smoother and look more radiant after using Lactic Acid.

Salicylic Acid is the only BHA (beta hydroxy acid). Derived from asprin, it is an exfoliant with anti inflammatory properties, it is also oil soluble meaning it can penetrate pores to effectively exfoliate dead cells and target excess sebum build up and control p acne bacteria which cause breakouts.

Resorcinol is a peeling agent which works by breaking down rough, scaly or hardened skin as well as disinfecting the skin to help fight any infection.  Resorcinol is used in Jessner skin peels, which are performed by dermatologists. Our Advanced AlumierMD Treatment at SKINROOM is half the activity of a full Jessner Peel.

Pre-treatment products precondition the skin, accelerate results and minimise complications, so yes we would always recommend your skin is prepared as directed by SKINROOM. However, our introductory peels are suitable for skins not already conditioned to a medical skincare home routine. AlumierMD offers light to medium depth peels known for their excellent results and safety profile. We believe in repeated treatments for progressive and gradual results to avoid side effects and downtime associated with deeper peels. Full skin consultations are available before your Professional treatment which will include a pre and post care products protocol for optimum results.

Everyone will have different experiences after a peel, some may be glowy and radiant right away with no visible peeling others may be drier, more sensitive and have visible flaking it all depends on the skin and tailored treatment plan. If you don’t experience any visible flaking it does not mean that the peel hasn’t worked, everyone’s skin reacts differently and yours may not be as sensitive, may have been better prepared and hydrated beforehand or you may be used to more active ingredients on your skin. Post peel it is important to follow the correct aftercare instructions and use the post procedure kit which will be supplied to you.  Optimum results will be around 7- ten days post peel as the skin regenerates itself.