Specialist in HD Brows & HD Brow Sculpt Lamination

HD Brows

Also known as High Definition Brows. A unique treatment for creating perfectly well-groomed, brows. The HD brows procedure transforms the way you look and more importantly, how you feel. Unlike other eyebrow treatments that use a “one shape fits all” technique, we assess your face shape and colouring before creating a bespoke brow, tailored exclusively to you. This is a multi-step process that includes tinting, waxing, threading, plucking and any corrective make up. It is our most popular brow treatment and most clients come back every 4-8 weeks, depending on the speed of their hair growth. A patch test is required 48 hours before treatment for new clients, or for those who have not had a tint for over 6 months. Tinting is not suitable for under 16s, pregnant or breastfeeding clients.

  • HD Brows £32
  • HD Brows (no tint) £27

Brow Tint & Tidy

Ideal for clients who don’t want to change the shape of their brows, in-between HD treatments or for those with minimal hair growth. We colour your brows with our HD Tint and then tidy around your shape with either wax or thread. Available without tint for those under 16, pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Brow Tint & Tidy £23
  • Brow Tidy £17
  • Brow Tint Only £12

HD Brow Sculpt

Brow Sculpt by HD Brows, also known as Brow Lamination, is suitable for Clients looking for a full, fluffy on-trend brow or as a corrective treatment for brows where the hairs are long, curly or sit in different directions. HD Brow Sculpt is also an effective treatment for clients with very little brows as we are able to tease hairs into gaps to create a fuller look. This Treatment starts with a perm to the brows to relax and set the hairs. Then a full HD Brows treatment follows including a tint. Recommended every 6-8 weeks. Brow Sculpt is only available for ages 16+. Patch test required at least 48 hours before treatment. Not suitable for pregnancy or breastfeeding.

  • HD Brow Sculpt £50

HD Brows & LVL Combo

Save £10. Add length, Volume and Lift to your lashes with a LVL and define your brows with HD Brows. Each treatment is tailored to your eye shape, lash length and hair colouring, Ideal for clients who are allergic to eye lash extensions or prefer a lower maintenance treatment on the eyes. Both treatments must be taken at the same appointment, no splitting over different days/times. Patch test required at least 48 hours before treatment. Only suitable for age 16+.

  • HD Brow & LVL £80